Asociația „Centrul pentru Incluziune Socială – Regiunea S-E”

Asociația „Centrul pentru Incluziune Socială – Regiunea S-E” is a non-profit organization of the Roma community in Constanța County, established in 2017, which operates with the mission of promoting social dialogue, multiculturalism and cultural diversity, respect for values and civic interests in the process of elaboration and implementation of projects and programs aimed at the social inclusion of people belonging to disadvantaged groups – especially those of Roma ethnicity, so that they can integrate into society, enjoy self-determination and individual and collective well-being. The main directions of action of the association are based on the principle of active citizenship and are focused on the need to develop, implement, monitor and evaluate programs/projects addressed to vulnerable communities in Constanța county, with a focus on members of vulnerable Roma communities, thus contributing to the promotion of measures of trust between the majority population and the minority population to prevent the creation of inter-ethnic tensions and in the spirit of creating an inclusive society patronized by the principles of diversity and multiculturalism.